Early 2013 Fantasy Football Rankings

With the fantasy football season still fresh in our minds, it’s the perfect opportunity to look forward to the 2013 fantasy football top 80 rankings. Individual position rankings with a few more players listed can be consulted as well for QBs, RBs, WRs and TEs. The rankings are for standard leagues, with 4 points per passing TD.

There are a few takeaways from the rankings:

  • QB is extremely deep and therefore, there is not much need to spend a high pick on a QB, I’d much rather wait and grab a guy like Stafford, Luck or Ryan later and spend the early pick locking up an elite RB.
  • WR is also extremely deep, which is why there are only 3 WRs ranked within the top 20 players. It’s a much bigger priority for me to grab a couple elite RBs and wait to grab a bunch of reliable WR2.
  • TE completely fall off a cliff after Gronk and Graham. Hernandez, Witten and Gonzalez are pretty decent value picks if they fall to the 5th or 6th rounds, but in most leagues, I’ll likely be waiting on TE until the final few rounds and grab a few high upside guys. Every year there are a bunch of TEs that come out of nowhere and have a lot of fantasy value so there is little point to spend mid-round picks on guys like Gresham, Pitta, Rudolph, or Olsen.

And now without further ado….your 2013 fantasy football rankings!!

Round 1
1. Adrian Peterson, RB1 – Record breaking season fresh off ACL surgery, will he be even better?
2. Arian Foster, RB2 – Three straight seasons as at least a top four fantasy RB
3. Ray Rice, RB3 – Had his worst year in four seasons and still finished as 6th best RB
4. Doug Martin, RB4 – 3rd best RB despite missing two Pro Bowl Guards (Nicks and Joseph)
5. Marshawn Lynch, RB5 – Only three games with less than 85 rushing yards in last 25 games
6. Jamaal Charles, RB6 – Misused in 2012, but still 8th best RB, Andy Reid will help a lot
7. Lesean McCoy, RB7 – Injury filled year but was on 1600 total yard pace (3rd straight year)
8. Aaron Rodgers, QB1 - Still 3rd best QB despite WR injuries, no running game/offensive line
9. Calvin Johnson, WR1 – Most studly WR despite only 5 TDs, should score more in 2013
10. Trent Richardson, RB8 – Will be healthier next season and team improving

Round 2
11. C.J. Spiller, RB9 – Will see much more work than 205 carries of 2012 and F-Jax clear backup
12. Drew Brees, QB2 – Top QB even without Payton, two straight 5000 yard, 40 TD seasons
13. Tom Brady, QB3 – Downgraded Welker to Amendola, but never doubt Brady and Belichek
14. Brandon Marshall, WR2 – Trestman more offensively minded, no one more consistent
15. Rob Gronkowski, TE1 – 1+ TD/gm last two seasons, by far best option @ weak position
16. Demaryuis Thomas, WR3 – Excellent rapport with Peyton and elite physical tools
17. Matt Forte, RB10 – At least 1400 total yards each season, offensive minded coach will help
18. Steven Jackson, RB11 – 1000 rushing yds each year since 2005. TDs will skyrocket in ATL.
19. Maurice Jones-Drew, RB12 – Still in amazing shape was very effective before foot injury
20. Cam Newton, QB4 – Despite early struggles, finished as the 4th best QB (just as 2011)

Round 3
21. Percy Harvin, WR4 – Pace after 8 games (before injury) would have put him as 2012′s WR4
22. A.J. Green, WR5 – Took another step forward this season, now one of the NFL’s best
23. Peyton Manning, QB5 – Welker addition gives Manning best WR corps in the NFL
24. Jimmy Graham, TE2 - Injury riddled 2012, still posted ~1000 yards, expect big bounce back
25. Alfred Morris, RB13 – Redskins pistol offense opens up huge running lanes for Morris
26. Stevan Ridley, RB14 – Sixth most carries in NFL, should get tons or run again next season
27. Dez Bryant, WR6 -  Seems to have “gotten it”, clear #1 option now in Dallas
28. Frank Gore, RB15 – Behind one of NFL’s best O-lines, 7 straight 1300+ total yard seasons
29. Andre Johnson, WR7 – 1600 yard season, but crazy low TD rate (1/28 rec., career 1/14.6)
30. Roddy White, WR8 – Super reliable, 6 straight seasons of 1150+ yards, 6+ TDs (avg: 1295/8)

Round 4
31. DeMarco Murray, RB16 – Elite when healthy but hasn’t finished season since high school
32. Darren Sproles, RB17 – Solid RB2 despite limited carries, insane 104 targets in 13 games
33. Julio Jones, WR9 – Big upside, but inconsistent and injuries are a concern
34. Chris Johnson, RB18 – Hard to trust, 7 games of more than 90 yards, 8 with less than 60
35. Vincent Jackson, WR10 – Target monster for offense that likes to throw deep
36. Reggie Bush, RB19 – Perfect landing spot for Bush, will be used heavily in passing game
37. Randall Cobb, WR11 – Has become featured WR for the best QB in the NFL
38. Larry Fitzgerald, WR12 – Risk/Reward pick, Fitz will have a lot to prove in 2013
39. Mike Wallace, WR13 – Holdout/system hurt in 2012, elite stats should return in MIA
40. Robert Griffin III, QB6 – Upside is monstrous, but can he stay healthy for 16 games?

Round 5
41. Wes Welker, WR14 – Best landing spot outside of NE, should approach 100 catches again
42. Darren McFadden, RB20 – Zone blocking scheme was a terrible fit, needs to stay healthy
43. Jonathan Stewart, RB21 – D-Will almost certainly released, numbers as starter are amazing
44. David Wilson, RB22 – Expect him to win starting job, with Andre Brown spelling him
45. Victor Cruz, WR15 – Much less effective in 2012 with teams game planning for him
46. Marques Colston, WR16 – Yet to have less than 1000 yards, 7 TDs when plays 14+ games
47. Ryan Mathews, RB23 – He should be utilized more effectively in 2013, still lots of talent
48. Aaron Hernandez, TE3 – Played hurt for most of the year, will be back to 100% in 2013
49. Michael Crabtree, WR17 – Kaepernick’s go to WR, at least 9 fantasy points in 6 of 8 starts
50. BenJarvus Green-Ellis, RB24 – Unsexy RB, but got 8th most carries in 2012

Round 6
51. Jason Witten, TE4 – No surprises with Witten, will play every game and post 1000 yards
52. Jordy Nelson, WR18 – Killed by injuries in 2012, Jennings departure ensures big role
53. Steve Smith, WR19 – Still getting it done at 33 years old, Cam’s favorite target
54. Dwayne Bowe, WR20 – High upside, QB play will almost certainly improve for him in 2013
55. Greg Jennings, WR21 – Featured WR for the Vikings, but Ponder needs lots of work
56. Pierre Garcon, WR22 – Good rapport with RGIII, valuable as long as can stay healthy
57. Matt Stafford, QB7 – Nearly 5000 yards with little outside of Megatron, TDs will improve
58. Colin Kaepernick, QB8 – Averaged almost 18 fantasy points per start, pace of 8th best QB
59. Russell Wilson, QB9 – No 300 yard game all 2012, but very efficient & good rushing ability
60. Matt Ryan, QB10 – Offense ensures that Ryan has a lower ceiling that the top QBs

Round 7
61. Andrew Luck, QB11 – Hit rookie wall, should be more consistent in 2013, skills clearly there
62. Willis McGahee, RB25 – Should get more work than Moreno and more talented of the two
63. Tony Gonzalez, TE5At 37 years old, still will produce in high octane offense
64. Eric Decker, WR23 – Streaky season, but with Peyton should have another good season
65. Hakeem Nicks, WR24 – Struggles to stay on the field, extremely productive when healthy
66. Reggie Wayne, WR252nd in targets in 2012 (194), should decline in 2013
67. Danny Amendola, WR26 – Could replace Welker in NE, but hasn’t proven can stay healthy
68. Lamar Miller, RB26 – Bush’s departure likely leads to starting job for impressive rookie
69. Tony Romo, QB12 – 2012′s QB8 largely because of Dez’s emergence as a bonafide star WR
70. Antonio Brown, WR27 – Without Wallace, Brown will be relied on heavily in 2013

Round 8
71. Desean Jackson, WR28 – Expected to be used like all-purpose player De’Anthony Thomas
72. Danario Alexander, WR29 – Lowest RFA tender may indicate he’s not viewed highly in SD
73. Cecil Shorts, WR30 – One of the best WRs in the NFL 2nd half of 2012, but injury issues
74. Vick Ballard, RB27 – No current threat to his feature back role, solid numbers as starter.
75. James Jones, WR31 – Without Jennings should have more consistent role
76. Mark Ingram, RB28 – Great power RB complement to Sproles, shined at end of 2012
77. Jeremy Maclin, WR32 – Has yet to reach his potential, Kelly will get him the ball
78. Miles Austin, WR33 – Took backseat after Dez’s emergence, injuries have slowed him down
79. Daryl Richardson, RB29 – After solid rookie season, expected to lead STL committee
80. Torrey Smith, WR34 – Smith will be targeted a ton, but still mostly a deep threat

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